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DHL Service:

DHL is a fast and reliable worldwide delivery service. It is an easy way to send documents

and parcels to anywhere in the world. We work with DHL to ensure that your parcel arrives

to the named destination within days. Our delivery prices are determined by the box size

that you choose and where you send the parcel. DHL have a seven different box sizes.

Once you have picked your box, be careful not to overfill your box – our boxes are strong,

but we do recommend a maximum weight to ensure that your parcel is delivered in the

best possible condition. Sending goods has never been so easy: you pick the box size,

we pack it up, you give the details and the driver picks up the parcel. We provide a code

number for the parcel, making it incredibly easy to check exactly the location of the goods.

You don't have to set up an account for parcel delivery with DHL. Just pop in to our office,

pick your box and pay for delivery in store.